Playing Out Live 01 – Playing With Ourselves #PlayingOutLive

Episode 01 done!

Thank you Tabitha Rayne for being of most gracious guest!

You can fing out about the #30DayOrgasmFun here.

But Tabitha does so much! That Ruby Glow though…

Thank you for listening in live. Thank you for listening back! We would love your feedback!

Should we do this again…?


The wonderful world of wanking…

Tonight’s episode features @TabithaErotica talking about #30daysorgasm which focuses on the health giving virtues of masturbation.

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#PlayingOutLive is a friendly and open chat for sex positive and curious adults created by @WatchingDistant, @Mistress34F and @_Mastereye.

Lively, funny and iconoclastic, this is more an event than a passive listening experience. WD, Missy and eye encourage you to join in, push boundaries and to ask those questions you have always wanted to ask but never had the courage to before

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