Getting Going #SinfulSunday

If you asked me I would say that I’m not a morning person.

Never was. Can’t imagine that I will be.

Except my brain seems to have been ignoring the excepted practice of late. No matter what time I fall asleep. (Sometimes said brain has a good hand in that too.) 6.15 seems a popular nudge awake time.

Mostly I can slip away until the alarm takes over. Sometimes that’s it.

So those mornings I need a jolt.

Coffee and Twitter. Two satisfying and stimulating sources of salvation.

Even in the very early mornings. Connections, conversations & confessions.






Back this Thursday at 9.30pm

#PlayingOutLive is a friendly and open chat for sex positive and curious adults created by @WatchingDistant, @Mistress34F and @_Mastereye.

Lively, funny and iconoclastic, this is more an event than a passive listening experience. WD, Missy and eye encourage you to join in, push boundaries and to ask those questions you have always wanted to ask but never had the courage to before. 

We will get it wrong so wrong but the good thing is you can tell it to us directly! Call in.

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