#SinfulSunday – Guest Post from @amadirtygirl1

Always my pleasure to host Sinful Sunday for somebody else and here is a lovely first contribution from @amadirtygirl1:

“Photo taken by my husband (aka FuckDumpling) in our hotel room that overlooked Bondi Beach. I was relaxing on the bed after he’d pushed me down on it to fuck. He liked the way my breasts looked in the light and shadow, so he picked up my phone and started taking pictures.
The heavy headboard in the background wasn’t secured to the wall, so its banging during the pre-photo fuck was rather loud, quite satisfying, and definitely sinful.”




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Guest Post: #SinfulSunday – Wet for Wet


I offered to host a this post for somebody who does not have a Blog. But was inspired to contribute to this weeks theme of Fluid.

Some details:

  • This 100% not me (If only…)
  • Contains cock.
  • Close up cock.

So if you scroll down you know what you are going to get!


And don’t forget to click the lips at the end to check out all the other inspired contributions! A little shout out to my #PlayingOutLive colleagues Eye and Missy for their Sinful Sunday images!













“For this week’s #SinfulSunday prompt of Fluid, I wanted to try and capture the image that makes my OH lick her lips. The sight of my obvious arousal increases her excitement. Seeing the look on her face has the same effect on me. It’s a virtuous circle! ”





Sinful Sunday