#SinfulSunday – Guest Post from @amadirtygirl1

Always my pleasure to host Sinful Sunday for somebody else and here is a lovely first contribution from @amadirtygirl1:

“Photo taken by my husband (aka FuckDumpling) in our hotel room that overlooked Bondi Beach. I was relaxing on the bed after he’d pushed me down on it to fuck. He liked the way my breasts looked in the light and shadow, so he picked up my phone and started taking pictures.
The heavy headboard in the background wasn’t secured to the wall, so its banging during the pre-photo fuck was rather loud, quite satisfying, and definitely sinful.”




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#SinfulSunday – Bad Santa…

The wonderful Whores of Yore wrote recently about about Santaphilia – the sexualisation of Father Christmas. Here

Well. I can’t claim to be the root cause of any of the sauce in these pictures. That surely had to go to @mistress34F and her request for a set of Bad Santa photo’s.

Whereever possible Father Christmas should make dreams come true… How could I refuse?

Which list are you on?

Would you be sat on my knee or across it?

There are plenty more Christmas treats ripe for the unwrapping…

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Which is your favourite?

#SinfulSunday – How Can I be of Service?

‘The Purple One M’Lady? An exquisite choice.’

‘May I clean that off for you Sir?’

‘Certainly Miss, it’s what we were trained for. One, Two or Three?’

Some talk of the notion of a Sex Butler was raised during the #PlayingOutLiveExhibit A & The Other Livvy’s Christmas Sex Bloggers Party chat cross over last night.

After giving the role a little run out I would like to offer this to you as a service.


A small simple chair in a discrete corner of your room.

A small banquette bed at the end of yours if a 24 hour service os required.


Discrette service

Unquestioning response

Unflinching calm

Unshakable resolve to please

Send 3rd class rail tickets to your destination and I shall be with you before you break fast.

What would you have me do?

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Sinful SundayThis might be a bit of a cheat because I published this last weekend but forgot to link it…

Disqualify as required.

Guest Post: #SinfulSunday – Wet for Wet


I offered to host a this post for somebody who does not have a Blog. But was inspired to contribute to this weeks theme of Fluid.

Some details:

  • This 100% not me (If only…)
  • Contains cock.
  • Close up cock.

So if you scroll down you know what you are going to get!


And don’t forget to click the lips at the end to check out all the other inspired contributions! A little shout out to my #PlayingOutLive colleagues Eye and Missy for their Sinful Sunday images!













“For this week’s #SinfulSunday prompt of Fluid, I wanted to try and capture the image that makes my OH lick her lips. The sight of my obvious arousal increases her excitement. Seeing the look on her face has the same effect on me. It’s a virtuous circle! ”





Sinful Sunday

Can we talk? #SinfulSunday


“I bet he loves the sound of his own voice…”

I think I do sometimes, when I am conscious of it. When I have dropped a register and slowed the pace. I know that I can make my voice close to being resonant  and interesting. But like everybody. I mostly hate the sound of it…

In reality we are more high pitched then we imagine. The deepening effect of the ear being embedded within the acoustically dulling skull, gives us all a false impression of how we are heard by others.

We squirm a touch. We are embarrased. We are disappointed.

What complex creatures we are. Some of us seemingly programmed to be awkward in our own skins and fall further when when are made aware of the sound waves we transmit.

Even though I know I can ‘fake’ a voice, like a well filtered image, I still hear my hybrid accent flip. My voice slipping into the high pitched, triggered by laughing, incredulity and frustration.

It’s so natural to me. I can speak out to anybody, anywhere. For work…

But of course my tongue can tie and my voice can fade and catch with loss of confidence in my throat. In the real world.

But I like the practice.

Can we talk?

Sinful Sunday

My ‘big one’. My microphone. I’ll be using it this Thursday when in collaboration with Missy and eye we will be frivolous, flirty, filthy and fun. We hope!

9.30pm – Thursday 30th March – Spreaker.

You can listen, use the chat box or even Skype in! (Find me – Watching Distant on Skype)

Our first theme is that old chestnut… masturbation…

How often? Where? What? Who? How?

What better guest then Tabitha Rayne – the enthusiastic creator of #30daysorgasmfun amongst so much else she does!

You can listen to our pilot. Join in with #PlayingOutLive. And join us this week?





@ht_honey wrote an update today:

7h7 hours ago


A blogger and tweeter I follow and admire, that has written and spoken honestly and candidly about body image and the sense of self. Her Sinful Sunday Post today is a rightful celebration, in an a lovely image.

Body image is such a subject isn’t it? In real life I and sometimes a very confident version of a self that I need to portray.

Online I know I am a roustabout fool. I am offline too.

But it’s a facade isn’t it?

I decided to take one photo. Allow myself some editing. Nut I had to use the one photo I took. And this was it.

I can fake confidence like the best of them but I am riddled with the body conscious fears of a 45 year old man, newly single after 20 years. I don’t loathe what I see. But I don’t like it.

The lovely thing about these posts are that people sometimes pop in and then leave supportive counter comments to challenge the posters view of self. There is no need for this.

Sinful Sunday

…s s s single bed…

Single Mattress.

Single Duvet.

Cold temporary dwelling that evoked the days of youth.

When a single bed was for sharing.

Tight spooning, dead armed, hair smelling closeness. Sometimes new and awkward. Sometimes familiar and friendly. Sometimes furtive and intimate. Sometimes rapid and rugged.

The single bed still had the potential to fulfill the requirements of a student me for a year or two.

And now? I overfill the footfall somewhat…

A single duvet is a drafty offer.

But I’m prepared to shift up against the cold wall like I used too.


Sinful Sunday