#SinfulSunday – Guest Post from @amadirtygirl1

Always my pleasure to host Sinful Sunday for somebody else and here is a lovely first contribution from @amadirtygirl1:

“Photo taken by my husband (aka FuckDumpling) in our hotel room that overlooked Bondi Beach. I was relaxing on the bed after he’d pushed me down on it to fuck. He liked the way my breasts looked in the light and shadow, so he picked up my phone and started taking pictures.
The heavy headboard in the background wasn’t secured to the wall, so its banging during the pre-photo fuck was rather loud, quite satisfying, and definitely sinful.”




Click on the lips for more stupendous Sinful Sunday contributions:




13 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – Guest Post from @amadirtygirl1

  1. that image just captures the move, the beautiful exposure, the hands comfortable. And I now have in my head the rhythm of the headboard. Once I pulled one of the headboards attached to the wall off in the throws of sex, so I giggled when I read your words

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  2. It is great to have another Aussie on SS!
    Your breasts look amazing and I love the whole atmosphere – though it is obviously the calm after the storm! I also love hubby’s name…
    Happy NY!


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