#SinfulSunday – Bad Santa…

The wonderful Whores of Yore wrote recently about about Santaphilia – the sexualisation of Father Christmas. Here

Well. I can’t claim to be the root cause of any of the sauce in these pictures. That surely had to go to @mistress34F and her request for a set of Bad Santa photo’s.

Whereever possible Father Christmas should make dreams come true… How could I refuse?

Which list are you on?

Would you be sat on my knee or across it?

There are plenty more Christmas treats ripe for the unwrapping…

Click on the lips for more Christmas Crackers…

Which is your favourite?


22 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – Bad Santa…

  1. This is such a delightful series of photos – thank you a million times for putting a huge grin on my face! I can’t say I’ve ever experienced Santaphilia, but I do love your photos. Happy holidays!

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  2. Santa put yourself on the naughty list until at least the year 3000. What fun wonderful pics. You certainly were not watching from a distance x Hope 2018 brings serenity. You deserve a wonderful year x

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