#SinfulSunday – How Can I be of Service?

‘The Purple One M’Lady? An exquisite choice.’

‘May I clean that off for you Sir?’

‘Certainly Miss, it’s what we were trained for. One, Two or Three?’

Some talk of the notion of a Sex Butler was raised during the #PlayingOutLiveExhibit A & The Other Livvy’s Christmas Sex Bloggers Party chat cross over last night.

After giving the role a little run out I would like to offer this to you as a service.


A small simple chair in a discrete corner of your room.

A small banquette bed at the end of yours if a 24 hour service os required.


Discrette service

Unquestioning response

Unflinching calm

Unshakable resolve to please

Send 3rd class rail tickets to your destination and I shall be with you before you break fast.

What would you have me do?

You really should check out the genuinely distracting Sinful Sunday contributions by clicking the lips below.

Sinful SundayThis might be a bit of a cheat because I published this last weekend but forgot to link it…

Disqualify as required.

22 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – How Can I be of Service?

  1. I would expect to you to book yourself a ticket on the steamship and sail across the channel to Rotterdam, where my carriage awaits you and will take you to my mansion where I will inform you of your duties 😉

    Rebel xox

    Liked by 1 person

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