Outdoor Sex – #PlayingOutLive

Well episode two and went off, as they say, with less of a technical hitch.

We are learning…

Missy, eye & I had a ball!

Missy once again gave us her thoughts and experiences freely. Blanketed under the stars. On the bonnet. Even on the hay bale.

Eye is our Premier link between you are fantastic listeners and even those that joined us live and chatted with this in the chat box. You are our very special listeners and friends!

And we had some horticultural insight…

But our thanks and love goes to Molly Moore! (And Michael of course.)

“Molly Moore – Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker

Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly’s Daily Kiss

and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

– Technical insight

– Stories of passing joggers

– And even a price list…



You’ll have to listen back by clicking on the link below to get the full picture.

Be sure to read the chat too!

And we are coming back. With another brilliant guest to follow Molly and Tabitha. You’ll have to follow us on Twitter to find out who that would be…

Thursday 18th May – 9.30pm

until then. Get comfy, click play and get thinking about your own outdoor sex top tips… You can always tell us about those!

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